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Student Health Insurance Plan – 5 Questions You Must Ask

Although most health insurance plans that parents have will insure their children up until the age of 24, it is sometimes more financially practical for parents to look into student health insurance plans once their children leave for college. Many parents purchase student health insurance plans for their children because in order to prevent or avoid the hassle of receiving referrals from out-of-state. Student health insurance plans are especially beneficial for those parents who do not already have health coverage for their children.If you are a parent considering a student health insurance plan for you college child, remember to ask these questions before signing up:1. What, if any, are the excluded pre-existing conditions? (This is especially important for students already in need of special medical attention.)2. Will my child be offered free or low cost coverage at a campus clinic? (Some health conditions, such as colds, low fevers, sore throats, and upset stomachs do not require emergency attention. When they do require attention it is usually available more quickly and conveniently at an on-campus clinic.)3. Will my child be covered for any emergency room visits without approval? What steps will he or she have to take in the event of an emergency? (These steps are important to know before an emergency; after an emergency situation has occurred is no time to try to figure out the necessary steps to take.)4. Will my child be covered during the summer months if he or she is not enrolled in summer classes? (This especially applies to students who plan to remain in the area during summer vacation.)5. Will my child be able to use any provider, or is an HMO required?Get answers to all your questions before purchasing a student health insurance plan for your child. Make sure to discuss all pre-existing conditions and possible emergency situations in order to fully understand the student health insurance plan.